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Texas' prison population has since fallen, allowing three adult facilities to be shuttered, with talks of morea previously unheard of prospect for a "tough on crime" state like Texas.

As stated before, the state's parole and probation outcomes have improved markedly since 2007, as well.

The Trump administration has awarded its first federal contract for 110 million to the Geo Group, a major private prison company, for a new immigrant detention center to be built in Texas.

GEO contributed 0,000 to support Trumps inauguration and a GEO Group subsidiary gave 5,000 to a super PAC that supported Trump for president.

The first actions by the Trump administration revealed their opposition toward justice-prison reform. While a senator, Sessions opposed reform of the justice system.

There are excellent correctional staff and programs in place to assist prisoners that do far more than any outsiders can hope to accomplish.

The tragedy of our current prison system is that we lock away so many of our citizens for little or no reason.

Third, it is time to end the biased targeting of minorities.

Fourth, eliminate debtors prisons ( unfair bail and unreasonable fines).

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According to Rollins and Glod, Texas could have suffered the same fate as California, which was forced via federal judicial edict to drastically reduce its overcrowded prison populationan unplesant possibility given Texas' culture of independence.

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