2016 aedating id product

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2016 aedating id product

And the reality is in the event of an Exchange outage trying to get an Exchange Server back up and running quickly is not always easy… As a part of our Lepide Auditor range we created Lepide Auditor for Exchange, available either standalone or as a part of our award winning Lepide Auditor .This really simple solution provides a simple, cost effective way of seeing who, what, where and when changes are made to your Exchange environment.It gives you real time alerts when changes occur and provides you with hundreds of reports – all showing you before and after values of every change made.Simply put – it gives you the insight you need to make faster decisions to resolve issues quicker.

Read more A key feature of our auditing platform is our powerful search functionality.All of the reports are delivered on schedule either in CSV, PDF, HTML, DOC or TXT or via secure web console for further manipulation as needed.Perhaps your CEO has a PA with access to their mailbox, or maybe you have some shared mailboxes you just want to keep a track of.Naturally, you want to know if anything in your Exchange environment has been changed but the real value comes from the context.We think it’s important to show you what it was changed from.

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Easily track all changes occurring across your Exchange Server environment with our simple, yet powerful, intuitive dashboard.

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