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60s dating

You can find the B vitamins in foods such as bananas, eggs, avocado, leafy vegetables and peanuts.

Clinical studies have suggested that a deficiency in vitamin D may cause gum inflammation and a delay in healing after gum surgery.

Some of the critical nutrients include the following: There is evidence that vitamin A may help improve periodontal health.

It can be found in carrots, liver, sweet potatoes, eggs, cod liver oil and green leafy vegetables.

Deficiency in the B vitamins may lead to bleeding gums.

B vitamins have also been associated with speedy healing after gum surgery and other periodontitis treatments.

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If you have any of the following symptoms, you should see a dentist as soon as possible: As with anything to do with your body, the best way to know if you´re getting the right balance of nutrients to keep your gums healthy is to do a nutrient test. Joy Stephenson-Laws is the founder of Proactive Health Labs, a national non-profit health information company that provides education and tools needed to achieve optimal health.