A new wave of EX Raid invites goes live: December 18, 2017


a new wave of EX Raid invites has been distributed, targeting December 18th (and 19th) for an upcoming EX Raid! Could this be a Groudon raid? We’ll see on December 18th!

Our research suggests that the target audience for this EX Raid are mostly experienced raiders and that targeted gyms follow the previously mentioned pattern:

  • EX Raids are targeting sponsored and non sponsored locations
  • EX Raids are targeting gyms mostly located in parks

We can’t confirm if this raid will feature a Mewtwo or a Groudon, but we would be surprised to see a Groudon. It just feels too soon, despite it being featured in the Generation III release trailer.

If you’ve received an EX Raid invite, please help us understand the invitation mechanism by sharing your local EX raiding experience in the comment section below and answering a few quick questions:

  • How many EX Raid invites did you receive so far?
  • Do EX Raiders in your area include regular raiders or casual raiders?
  • Is there a specific gym (or set of gyms) that are picked in your area and what properties they share?
  • How large is your local area (in terms of population size)?

For those who got one, good luck and may the weather be on your side. For those who didn’t get one, better luck next time!

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