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Compare this example of someone else: You're right - it has a microseconds part, but Heidi SQL is not able to display it, even when I show me the raw data. If I might chime in, two weeks later: I also have the same problem as Igitur with SQL Servers with Turkish locales.

Here's a screenshot of SQL management studio: However, when I run this query, no data is changed: That "T" format also does not update anything here. Also, his original suggestion to use ISO format is correct.

Here's another test: r4912 now uses ISO format without the "T" in the middle.

I'm now spending some time to find the cause of the missing milliseconds part of the cell values.

* Microseconds should be displayed in data and query grids now, for both DATETIME and DATETIME2 columns.

One thing which I can't get to work due to a bug in the ADO implementation: DATETIME2 columns are detected as ordinary text fields in query grids, and are displayed with green color as such.

Test Sales Order Detail'); This is my go-to DMV for statistics because in addition to including the date that statistics were last updated and row information, I also get a count of modifications since the last statistic update.

Here's an interesting experiment: Long story short, you should never rely on exact date comparisons in your WHERE clauses.

If I'm querying with date criteria, I always specify date ranges, as opposed to exact moments in time.

I just created the table, so the Last Updated date is current, and I have not made any changes so the modification count is 0.

Invalidating Statistics For my demo I want to bulk insert enough rows to invalidate the statistics.

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The plan also is removed from the cache if any of the statistics it depends on have changed.