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Care should be taken to inspect course meeting times so as to avoid conflicts with other courses.

The schedule worksheet was designed in order to help identify conflicts.

Students will be able to self-register using the Monmouth University Portal, a registration component of Web Advisor, provided that they have met with their advisor(s) and obtained permission to self-register.

If students have not yet obtained advisor approval, they will need to register in-person at the Registrar's Office.

Generally, the new semester format will have the daytime courses meet twice weekly, 80-minutes-per-class period.

All professors must state their specific attendance policies in a written statement containing the pertinent course requirements and give it to the students during the first week of the semester.

A student who, for any reason, may not be present at a particular class or laboratory is, nevertheless, responsible for adhering to the attendance requirements of the course.

These codes can be used to search for specific course descriptions online.

Simply access the Monmouth University Portal, The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) establishes the rights of all students to limited access to certain records and information; to review, seek correction of, and add explanations to records; and to receive a hearing on allegations of violations.

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Monmouth University believes that attendance is essential to success in academic courses. The University believes that learning is an interactive process dependent in part on the student and is not just a matter of the passive absorption of information.