Aggron in the Meta Game

This is a statistical breakdown of Aggron’s performance in the current Pokemon GO attacking meta. Compared to Metagross, Scizor and Steelix, let’s see how well Aggron measures up against these common powerful Steel types.

This guide will also reflect how well of a Fairy type counter Aggron is. Tyranitar and Golem, two of the most common raids right now will be used for comparisons. Regirock will also be used as it is coming in the future and is weak to Steel types as well. The best move sets were used for the most accurate DPS analysis. No dodging was chosen for realism.

Using Pokebattler here are the following results shown in the tables below:  

vs Tyranitar Raid (Bite / Fire Blast)

PokemonPower OutputOverall EfficiencyTime to WinQuick Move SteelCharge move Steel
Aggron24.6%171%582.3sIron TailHeavy Slam
Metagross26.9%196%494.5sBullet PunchFlash Cannon
Scizor14%137%613.9sBullet PunchIron Head
Steelix21.5%142%720.7sIron TailHeavy Slam

vs Golem Raid (Mud Slap / Earthquake)

PokemonPower OutputOverall EfficiencyTime to WinQuick Move SteelCharge move Steel
Aggron 23.5%167%591.7sIron TailHeavy Slam
Metagross 29.8%191%528.3sBullet PunchFlash Cannon
Scizor 23.5%171%561.9sBullet PunchIron Head
Steelix 20.1%130%773.2sIron TailHeavy Slam

vs Regirock Raid (Mud Slap / Earthquake)

PokemonPower OutputOverall EfficiencyTime to WinQuick Move SteelCharge move Steel
Aggron 8.9%146%1479.0sIron TailHeavy Slam
Metagross14.8%186%1312.6sBullet PunchFlash Cannon
Scizor 11.5%172%1323.8sBullet PunchIron Head
Steelix9.5%125%1911.9sIron TailHeavy Slam

Tyranitar Raid Summary

Without dodging, Aggron comes in 2nd place. Aggron does out-preform Metagross if Tyranitar has Bite/Crunch. Also, it is worth noting that Scizor out-preforms Aggron when Tyranitar has Stone Edge as a charge move. Otherwise, Aggron is a solid Steel counter, although not the best.

Golem Raid Summary

Aggron gets destroyed by Golem’s Ground type moves. BUT, when Golem has any Rock type charge move, Aggron regains its 2nd place finish behind Metagross. So if Golem has Rock Blast or Stone Edge, Aggron is not a bad Steel choice at all.

Regirock Raid Summary 

With no surprise, Aggron got wrecked. Fighting moves deal heavy super effective damage. Aggron does come in 2nd if Regirock has Zap Cannon as a charge move, but other than that, Aggron gets out matched by both Metagross5 and Scizor. It’s safe to say Aggron is not a good choice overall against Regirock.

Countering Fairy Types

Steel types deal super effective damage towards Fairy types. Currently there is one meta Fairy Pokemon in the game, and that’s Gardevoir. There are more Fairy types coming to the game in future generations, so this will be a great way to see how well Aggron compares with the listed Steel Pokemon above. The simulation we are using has Gardevoir as a gym defender, since it is not available in raids. No dodging was used for realism.

vs Defending Gardevoir (Confusion / Dazzling Gleam)

PokemonPower OutputOverall EfficiencyTime to WinQuick Move SteelCharge move Steel
Aggron24050%17.0sIron TailHeavy Slam
Metagross24252%17.4sBullet PunchFlash Cannon
Scizor26120.4%16.1sBullet PunchIron Head
Steelix25929.2%24.4%Iron TailHeavy Slam

As you can see, Aggron’s stats are closely comparable to Metagross. This is impressive! Especially when Metagross has an ATK of 257, much higher than Aggron’s ATK(198). Don’t be fooled by Scizor’s and Steelix’s total damage output. Although they were both higher than Aggron, they aren’t as efficient. Aggron had 50% of its HP remaining compared to Scizor(20.4%) and Steelix(29.2%). This saves you potions (yay!). Hence, Aggron is a real Fairy type slayer.

Keep a powerful one for the generations to come!

Final Conclusions

Overall, Aggron is solid Steel attacker. Do note that there are far better Pokemon to choose from when attempting the raids shown above. This is just to showcase how powerful of a Steel attacker Aggron is compared to the other Steel types.

With that being said, try to catch a good IV Aggron. It’s arguably the 2nd best Steel type in the game and is an incredible Fairy counter!

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