Alakazam Solo Raid Guide

Alakazam is a Tier 3 Raid Boss, holding a Raid Boss CP of 22646 and a pure Psychic typing. If you want a chance at taking down an Alakazam solo style, then it is recommended to wait until being at least level 30.

Alakazam should be one of the more difficult Raid Bosses to solo. There are many factors that can influence the fight, from picking the right counters, to waiting for the right weather, to anticipating the strongest attacks. Alakazam is in fact difficult to take down, but not impossible.

If you aren’t a high enough level, or you have a couple of friends around, we recommend you take a look at our Alakazam Raid Boss guide for better reference.

Solo Alakazam Counters

Alakazam, being a pure Psychic type Pokémon, has a weakness to Bug , Dark , and Ghost type moves, which is good for those who have been able to accumulate an army of Gengars. However, if you haven’t, the DPS (Damage per second) difference between these counters is not that big, so as long as you have a high CP team composed of any of the Pokémon you see here, you should be ready to solo Alakazam.

MewtwoPsycho Cut PsychicShadow Ball Ghost
TyranitarBite DarkCrunch Dark
GengarHex GhostShadow Ball Ghost
BanetteShadow Claw GhostShadow Ball Ghost
AbsolSnarl DarkDark Pulse Dark
HoundoomSnarl DarkFoul Play Dark
AlakazamPsycho Cut PsychicShadow Ball Ghost
PinsirBug Bite BugX-Scissor Bug
DragoniteDragon Tail DragonOutrage Dragon
ScizorFury Cutter BugX-Scissor Bug


Mewtwo is a pure Psychic type Legendary Pokémon known for being an absolute side-sweeper when it comes to almost any kind of raid. Although it shares the same typing and roughly the same moves as Alakazam, Mewtwo can have a slight advantage if you use Shadow Ball Ghost effectively and avoid using it against a Shadow Ball Ghost Alakazam.


Tyranitar is a Rock / Dark type pokemon commonly used in the meta, and there is no wonder why. Tyranitar has access to a double Dark type moveset, which even though is hated by Mystic7, it is loved by the HUB for its effectiveness when fighting Alakazam and other Psychic types.


Gengar is a Ghost / Poison type pokemon and is considered to be one of the strongest Psychic killers in game. Gengar is an easy go-to when it comes to an Alakazam raid, having a double Ghost type moveset, we recommend you do not use him lightly. Though he may steal your soul, Gengar is your friend here.


Banette is a pure Ghost type pokemon that shares a striking resemblance to Gengar. Even though Banette beats Gengar when it comes to a stronger moveset, its CP make it the weaker of the two. If you want to use Banette affectively, you need to be sure to avoid most, if not all of Alakazam’s Charged attacks.


Absol is a pure Dark type pokemon with a recommended double Dark type moveset which benefits from STAB. Because of his moves, it can be compared as a weaker Tyranitar, in no way sharing the same brute strength, but if you are looking to fill your 6 team slot, Absol can get the job done.


Houndoom is a Dark / Fire type pokemon which roughly plays in the same ballpark as Absol. Houndoom using its double Dark type moveset, can also be compared as a weaker Tyranitar or as an additional Absol. And in that same fashion, it cannot supply the same strength as Tyranitar, but if you need to fill in your 6 team slot, do it.


Pinsir is a pure Bug type pokemon and can be used heavily when it comes to Alakazam. Although Pinsir does have a great amount of strength on its side, we do not recommend you use it exclusively because of time constraints. Pinsir is great for holding onto the clock and should fit in well as your 6th pokemon to use in battle.


Dragonite is a Dragon / Flying type pokemon used heavily in the meta game and in terms of an Alakazam Raid Boss, it is still a tank as well. Though it does not take advantage of any of Alakazam’s weaknesses, its high stats make it a strong counter. We recommend using Dragonite as a substitute until the Legendary Pokemon Rayquaza is released.


Scizor is a Bug / Steel type pokemon which we recommend pairing with a double Bug type moveset. Scizor should be considered not only a strong Alakazam counter, but a strong teammate to Pinsir. Just like Pinsir, Scizor is good for hanging onto the clock, and should be placed almost exclusively in the 6th spot of your battle party.

Alakazam Raid Boss Movesets

Alakazam has access to all of the following movesets:

  • Psycho Cut Psychic (Fast)
  • Confusion Psychic (Fast)
  • Shadow Ball Ghost (Charged, 2 bars)
  • Focus Blast Fighting (Charged, 1 bar)
  • Future Sight Psychic (Charged, 1 bar)

When comparing all of Alakazam’s possible movesets, it becomes clear that there are truly two kinds of Alakazams in game, and one of them is clearly more difficult to take down.

Do not be discouraged if you encounter an Alakazam with the stronger moveset, just be prepared to make more than one attempt when battling.

Below is a moveset table that shows off Alakazam’s movesets ranked by difficulty, the ranking was determined by the TDMG (Total Damage) caused by a single energy cycle.

EasyPsycho Cut PsychicFuture Sight Psychic
Psycho Cut PsychicFocus Blast Fighting
MediumConfusion PsychicFuture Sight Psychic
Psycho Cut PsychicShadow Ball Ghost
HardConfusion PsychicFocus Blast Fighting
Confusion PsychicShadow Ball Ghost

Weather Influence

Right off the bat, you should always avoid attempting to solo raid Alakazam in Windy weather, because of its Psychic typing, it will be an even bigger challenge to take down. Because of Alakazam’s heavy weakness to both Ghost and Dark types, you should really look at waiting until Fog weather appears and crossing your fingers that Alakazam does not have Shadow Ball Ghost as its charged move.

Below is a table that shows off the weather advantages and disadvantages in relation to Alakazam and the counters in question.

CloudyBoost Alakazam’s Focus Blast Fighting
RainyBoost Bug type moves
FogBoost Dark and Ghost type movesBoost Alakazam’s Shadow Ball Ghost
WindyBoost Dragon and Psychic type movesBoost Alakazam’s Fast moves and Future Sight Psychic

Final Notes

  • Wait until at least level 30 in order to solo raid Alakazam
  • Take advantage of Bug , Dark , and Ghost types when battling against Alakazam
  • Alakazam’s strongest moveset is Confusion Psychic / Shadow Ball Ghost and its weakest is Psycho Cut Psychic / Future Sight Psychic
  • Avoid attempting to solo Alakazam in Cloudy weather, your best bet is to wait for Fog to appear and use your Dark and Ghost type attacks
  • Avoid using Pokémon that will take super effective damage, unless if they have a high CP and DPS value
  • Be prepared to fail, it happens to the strongest of players, so be sure to stack up on your revives and potions for whenever you need them in the heat of battle

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