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Alyssa milano dating 2016

“That truth is very encouraging to me and everyone out there in the world because you can only heal by telling the truth.” Aside from Ms Witherspoon and the Weinstein accusers, many other celebrities have made their stories of sexual violence known by using the “me too” hashtag.

Several pointed out that men can be victims of sexual violence too, though at a statistically lower rate than women. Remind each other, and stop abusing.” Still others said they resented the need to constantly recount a painful experience, without seeing results.The simple phrase – “Me too” – has become a viral hashtag, and spread to Facebook and Instagram as well.While Ms Milano may have started the online campaign, however, the "me too" movement actually started with a Black activist in Harlem more than 10 years ago.Later in the episode, April and Bam visit a graveyard with headstones that have their names written on them.April breaks down when she sees her son's name spelled out on one right next to hers.

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"Like when I was walking into my room, he'd be hiding behind the door," Bam chimes in.