Analysis of the New Box Sale: Bang for the Buck!

After a successful February Community Day (for the most part), as promised, Niantic released new Boxes for the return of Kyogre and Groudon. They promised us Raid Passes and frankly, they delivered. Let’s check what each box has in store for us.

Raid Pass61020
Lucky Egg3825
Max Potion610
Max Revive10
Pinap Berry6
Razz Berry6
Box value analysis
Raid Pass Price per Box807874
Discount per Raid Pass202226
Overall Discount (Raid Pass)120220520
Overall Discount
(Raid Pass and Lucky Egg)
Percent Discount75%92.31%119.59%

Our Verdict

Niantic is killing it with these Boxes. It’s one of the few instances where there is a clear decrease in Raid Pass Price per Box. Let’s go to each specific box.

Special Box

This box is clearly aimed for players who don’t want to spend much on the game. If you really can’t afford the more expensive boxes but still want Raid Passes, you’ll want to buy this box. Otherwise, save your money and buy Ultra Box.

Great Box

If you plan on just getting Raid Passes, the Great Box is technically better than Special Box, but only by a little. If you include everything not just Raid Passes, the Great Box is a good buy for those who still can’t afford to buy Ultra Box. This is the cheapest box that gets Max Potions so you may want this over Special Box if you can spare the extra 300 coins.

Ultra Box

This box is a godsend for intense raiders. Even if you just consider Raid Passes, it’s a steal. Looking beyond Raid Passes, 10 Max Potions and 10 Max Revives definitely help those who have trouble getting Revives and Hyper Potions on disc spins and raids. The Lucky Eggs included are a plus as well, especially if you do multiple raids within 30 minutes. This is the must buy among boxes.

Overall thoughts

This set of boxes is the best Niantic has released when it comes to Raid Passes. The Ultra Box finally got the items it deserved and it sits in a price where it’s not that expensive, especially for the amount of Raid Passes you can get. Beyond Raid Passes, the price discount goes through the roof because of the amount of Lucky Eggs and other items you get. Even if you can’t afford the Ultra Box, the Great Box and Special Box offer a good enough discount to warrant buying one if you’re on a budget. With these boxes, you’ll be prepared to face the final wrath of the Legendary Raid Bosses until March 5.

EDIT: The Boxes will be available until March 11, 1 PM PST according to a post by Reddit user a95pat asking Niantic on when the sale will end. Here’s the thread Link.

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