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Avg updating slow

Adding a “unique” index to the Primary keys/indexes are usually defined on table creation, and unique indexes are defined after the fact by altering the table.

Both primary keys and unique keys can be made on a single column or multiple columns at once.

The above would make it faster to search for usernames per country. These indexes are very useful for all the text searching you might need to do.

Finding words inside of bodies of text is FULLTEXT’s specialty.

If there weren’t any indexes, you’d have to go through the whole book searching for pages that contain the subject.

As you can imagine, it’s way faster to search by an index than having to go through each page.

It’s a good idea to set up a cronjob to do this for you and send you the results periodically.

You can compare My SQL indexes with the index in a book which lets you easily find the correct page that contains the subject you’re looking for.

Primary indexes are the main indexes of data which are the default way of addressing them.

# NOTE innodb_data_file_path: Auto-extending Inno DB files can consume a lot of disk space that is very difficult to reclaim later.

# WARN log_bin: Binary logging is disabled, so point-in-time recovery and replication are not possible.

The Tuner will monitor a database in longer intervals (run it once per week or so on a live app) and suggest changes based on what it’s seen in the logs.

Install it by simply downloading it: [--] Inno DB is enabled.

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Tables which only contain a few rows don’t really benefit from indexing.

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