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Backdating housing benefit

If you claim council tax support and request backdating after 1 April 2016 we can still consider backdating your claim up to six months earlier if you can provide a good cause for not making your claim earlier.If you are of pension age and request backdating you can still be considered for a three month backdate on your claim.If you have more than one reason for not claiming sooner, you must tell us about all those reasons.Here are some examples of 'good cause' that we would consider to backdate your claim: These are not the only reasons we will treat as being a good cause for backdating a claim.You can claim Housing Benefit as part of your application for other benefits.How you apply for Housing Benefit depends on which benefit you’re applying for.You can ask your council for a Housing Benefit decision to be reconsidered.If you’re unhappy with the response you can appeal the decision.

In all other cases, benefit can only be backdated for a maximum of one month from the date of your backdating request.Further Information Shelter's information on backdating Housing Benefit. A claim may be backdated for a maximum of one month from the date of your claim (if you are working age), or three months (if you are of pensionable age).We can only consider backdating your benefit from the date we receive your request.If you make a claim for housing benefit and request backdating after 1 April 2016 your claim can only be backdated for one month if you are of working age.

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Contact Jobcentre Plus to claim Housing Benefit along with your application for the following benefits: You usually can’t get Universal Credit and Housing Benefit at the same time (unless you’re in certain kinds of supported housing).