Backdating job steve

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Backdating job steve

“It was very traumatic for all of us,” recalls one of those in whom Jobs confided, speaking on condition of anonymity because of the topic’s sensitivity.

“We all really care about Steve, and it was a serious risk for the company as well. This was one page in the adventure.” The Steve Jobs adventure: By now it’s one of the most remarkable stories in business.

The revelation of his brush with death remained—like everything involving Jobs and Apple—a tightly controlled affair.

In fact, nary a word got out until Jobs’ tumor had been removed.

After watching Jobs unveil the i Phone, Alan Kay, a personal computer pioneer who has worked with him, put it this way: “Steve understands desire.” Jobs’ personal abuses are also legend: He parks his Mercedes in handicapped spaces, periodically reduces subordinates to tears, and fires employees in angry tantrums.

A Buddhist and vegetarian, the Apple CEO was skeptical of mainstream medicine.Dozens of people who work or have worked with Jobs did agree to extensive interviews, most insisting on not being named (even if praising him) for fear of incurring his anger.History, of course, is littered with tales of combustible geniuses.No CEO is more willful, or more brazen, at making his own rules, in ways both good and bad.And no CEO is more personally identified with—and controlling of—the day-to-day affairs of his business.

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