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You might think that a “compliant” AR, which meets the restrictions imposed by California or New York, would be a safe choice. You could legally obtain an AR-15 or similar rifle, from a source that doesn’t do background checks and doesn’t keep records.But I’m pretty sure that liberal legislators will keep changing the text of the laws until anything remotely resembling an AR is as illegal to possess as nuclear weapons. The number of sources that fit this description are dwindling.I strongly suspect that “universal background checks” is just a stepping stone toward universal gun registration.And while background check records are not supposed to be kept more than a certain number of hours, I would be shocked if the intelligence agencies are not grabbing that data and storing it permanently.To be sure, online dating comes with inherent peril.But perhaps the greatest issue is that it’s impossible to weed out all of the crazies from calculated photos and pithy messages alone.

After this happened three times, Amanda figured he was probably a scary old guy or something. My first hint that something was off was that he texted to say he’d be 20 to 25 minutes late just before our designated meeting time.Unfortunately, things can get way uglier than just a flop.We all have some ridiculous stories from dating on Ok Cupid and Tinder; the funny thing is that we never tire of hearing them, or telling them. Everyone I know who has ever met someone from the internet has had a few successes, a few failures — and then there are the true horror stories.When he arrived half an hour late, he was sweaty — and smelled disgusting, like some horrifying amalgam of patchouli and body odor.He was a good 20 pounds heavier and five years older than he was in his photos.

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That said, I do have a couple of particularly terrible stories, and so do all of my friends, and their friends, and — well, you get the idea.