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The defense, of course, is to convince the brain to overrule the penis in John’s sample dialogue above.“More sophisticated scams might have actually engaged with you and tried to cultivate your interest and get .

In security circles, we talk about ‘social engineering,’ which is basically online grifting.

Perhaps they eyeballed your social graph, and again, made an educated guess.

For most people, their preferences — of all sorts — are discernible by looking at their publicly available information.”This isn’t unique to Facebook.

Anyone who’s hosted an ad on Facebook has seen this firsthand.

“You can slice and dice their audience to an almost ridiculous degree,” Roberts says.

’”That said, nefarious forces could do a lot with an accepted friend request.

Occasionally some scam will get enough reach that it actually becomes news.Just in the past couple weeks alone, Chelsie Dugan, Aurelia Justina Oviedo, Elisabeth Voland, Abigail Dixon, Marian Sayre, Marina Protonotariou and Helen Savoie have expressed an interest in networking with us.And those are just the ones we can remember and who still have active Facebook accounts. “People may try to create fake accounts for a variety of reasons,” a Facebook spokesman tells me.This is way worse than that part in the Haunted House ride at Disneyland where it looks like ghost is in your car — this is truly chilling.There's even setting to what kind of/how ghostly you want your effects.

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It’s a big issue, Roberts says, but an endemic one.