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Cameroun dating

It took back its former status of associated territory as a member of the French Union.Its inhabitants became Cameroonian citizens, Cameroonian institutions were created under the sign of parliamentary democracy.On 12 June 1958 the Legislative Assembly of French Cameroon asked the French government to: 'Accord independence to the State of Cameroon at the ends of their trusteeship.Transfer every competence related to the running of internal affairs of Cameroon to Cameroonians`.The early European presence in Cameroon was primarily devoted to coastal trade and the acquisition of slaves.The northern part of Cameroon was an important part of the Muslim slave trade network.

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This rebellion continued, with diminishing intensity, even after independence until 1961.

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  2. Robert Maire, who consulted for SMIC on its initial public offering in the United States, spoke at length about China at the SEMI Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Conference (ASMC) in Saratoga Springs, N. Amid the mergers and acquisition frenzy of last year, China managed to pull off the acquisitions of CMOS image sensor vendor Omnivision, memory maker ISSI, the RF business of NXP, Pericom Semiconductor, and Mattson Technology.