Carbon dating disproved single iowa dating

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Carbon dating disproved

Paul Mac Rae, June 24, 2008 Most geologists aren’t part of Al Gore’s “100 per cent consensus” of scientists that humans are the principal cause of global warming and that we have to take drastic steps to deal with it.

As further evidence that we may be near the high point of the climate cycle, the planet has not warmed since 1998, even though carbon dioxide levels have increased steadily.The Milankovitch Cycles, based on the earth’s changing position in relation to the sun, appear to be the ultimate drivers of climate over the past few million years.Another interesting observation that Gore doesn’t make because it would destroy his case: the four previous interglacials shown on his chart are all than today’s interglacial (the green line in Figure 4 shows how today’s average temperature compares with that of the three previous interglacials).It’s possible to look at a graph of the past century and conclude: “Oh, my God, the planet is burning up!” After all, the temperature has been rising, more or less, since the 1850’s, with a dip from the 1940’s to the mid-1970’s. Only 400 years ago, the planet was quite cold, a period known as the Little Ice Age (roughly 1300-1850).

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