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Dr Sagar's team at the University of Auckland hit headlines in 2014 for their work on Baby X.

The virtual assistant (left) is voiced by Hollywood actress Cate Blanchett (right), who donated her time to the project.

For example, Spring Transactional Management is made possible using Spring AOP.Aspect Oriented Programming allows you to “define cross-cutting concerns that can be applied across separate, very different, object models”.AOP complements Object Oriented Programming by increasing modularity with applying common behavior to multiple non-related object models.He says responsive robots could be a common sight in businesses and homes around the world within the next ten years.An AI engineer, who has invented a 'virtual nervous system', believes it is only a matter of time before robotics hardware catches up to his software (stock)Dr Mark Sagar is the CEO of Soul Machines, an AI company in New Zealand that specialises in creating hyper-realistic 3D avatars.

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Robots that can think and feel like people could soon be living among us, according to one expert.