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“It was just mutual inspiration, I think."I would get to hear their records before they came out, and I was totally blown away by Rubber Soul."It was the same with Sgt Pepper’s."Then I did Good Vibrations and Smile, and it was exciting."I got into it and really produced my head off.”Despite his chart successes, Wilson says he’s never been the type of songwriter desperate to change the world with his music or preach social messages in his songs.“I wanted people to enjoy the harmonies,” he says, “we put a lot of great harmonies together.”Harmonies, of course, were the magical ingredient when the Beach Boys burst onto the music scene in 1962, with a succession of hits that heralded the California sound.

Together they went on to sell more than 100 million records.

” Having mastered the art of close observation, she’s now a trusted chronicler of human weakness, lamenting “me and you and what we’d do for money” in the midst of highlighting the ways major life events require minor adjustments of character (and vice versa).

Yet for the first time in a decade, Lewis doesn’t sound like a songwriter breaking free from a band’s strictures.

She’s in fact returned to the rococo indulgences of Rilo Kiley’s 2007 swan song so Interstate 710-specific that some indie traditionalists cried foul at the time — “California band makes California album” charged Pitchfork’s Joshua Klein.

It took a two-year court battle to free Wilson from the control of Landy, who lost his psychologist’s license.“Watching when I was with the Dr Landy programme was particularly hard going,” Wilson says of the movie, in which Hollywood veteran Paul Giamatti plays the therapist with chilling realism.“He sounded so much like him that I actually thought that was the real Dr Landy,” says Wilson, still shaken.

His new album, punningly titled ‘No Pier Pressure,’ boasts the cover photo of a seaside pier’s support pilings at low tide, but implies the double entendre of ‘peer pressure’ - a lifetime spent vying with the Beatles, and being compared to the singer-songwriting duo of Lennon and Mc Cartney.“It wasn’t really a rivalry,” explains Wilson.“I was jealous!

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And she piles on baroque flourishes for the Beck-produced “Just One Of The Guys,” its loping country-rock making way for a chorus tinkling with harpsichord, as Beck himself gamely murmurs in support.

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