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Quality is quickly overtaking price as a dominant purchasing objective and Flint Creek Outfitters endorses this philosophy full force.

Flint Creek Outfitters offers fly fishing schools, camping and cycling demonstrations and will soon be introducing adventure trips.

If you suspect someone is lying, they probably are.

Your greeting message is important as it introduces you to other callers who have never met you before, so don’t be bashful!

There’s nothing wrong with hard work, long hours and providing for the family needs, as long as we carve out the time to ‘live great moments’.

Our goal for your family is simple…to inspire everyone entering our doors to get out of the house and re-discover the outdoors!

Your identity is protected until when or if you decide to share it.You will not need to leave a caller hanging that is hot, and when you are getting to the great things!If you would like to give phone chat dating a try, then dial our free chat line 888-648-9369 with a free trial so you can test the features of the service and make sure that it is perfect for you.Although our chatline is structured for telephone you never have to meet with anyone for a date.If you are interested in relationship (as most of our members are) there isn’t any reason to run into dating someone.

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Flint Creek’s Dade City store has a full service Cycling Department offering new Cannondale bikes and service for any brand and type of bike.