Christiandatingfor reviews

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Christiandatingfor reviews

It seems like the people of CDFF only concentrate on banning profiles and charging money to "upgrade." How can such a dating website claim to be "free" when they post so many advertisements for other dating sites! Also, I have a feeling that my profile was banned for no reason. Because there have been four women I've messaged, and my messages were not given any reply. I'm genuine in my search for a Christian girlfriend!

On the plus side, I'm a gentleman all the way through!

it makes me cry a times n since I joined this group I have been encouraged by the stories. We enjoy being with someone when we have an easy time communicating or when we have a lot to talk about.

Christian Dating For Free is the largest free Christian dating site.

Any guys that do actually respond do not seem to be able to read or write.echo echo echo 1st off I am not connected to cdff in any way other than being a reg member. It is actually quite amazing to observe the Lord working in people's lives.I have personally seen people stopped from committing suicide based on their statements, healing,encouraging the ones that are discouraged or depressed,many many answered prayers, and the Lord working in the daily lives of the people in chat. Cant delete people that are matched to you that sucks same old people are on the app....weekly matches should be different..really needs a face lift... And new members should be posted at least to flirt with. Please fix your app..the cheap price is barely worth it.. It would be nice to be able to actually chat with someone. The Lord has whispered to me to forgive and also be patient and trust in him. The impression that I'm getting is that this is nothing but a scam to collect my info. I have had more guys ban after they message me and don't know why. Only get a message saying I was "banned" Only response from admin was a "thumbs up on messenger".

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The ONLY reason I didn't give them a perfect score, is because of those few members who scheme up ways of bilking members out of money. It isn't even CDFF's fault and I regret having to bring it up.

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