Cloyster Solo Raid Guide

Yes, that’s right, Cloyster. Although Cloyster is just a Level 2 raid, it has proven itself to be more challenging than the other Level 2 raids, which can usually be easily soloed by low leveled players and low leveled Pokémon. Cloyster, however, is almost the same difficulty as a Level 3 boss, so we are here to help you solo it!

Cloyster has a raid boss CP of 15678, so it has a decently high CP compared to the other Level 2 raid bosses, and its excellent typing of Water and Ice alongside a very high DEF of 323 makes it a formidable foe.

Quick Facts at a Glance

  • Harder than normal for only a Level 2 raid boss
  • Level is not everything, the types of your Pokémon are the most important, but to safely solo this raid you should be at least close to level 30 as a minimum
  • Best Pokémon to use are Fighting, Grass, Rock and Electric types
  • Overall difficulty: Medium to hard to do alone

Solo Cloyster Counters

PokémonFast MoveCharge Move
RaikouThunder ShockWild Charge
MewtwoPsycho CutFocus Blast
HariyamaCounterDynamic Punch
MachampCounterDynamic Punch
JolteonThunder ShockThunderbolt
AmpharosCharge BeamZap Cannon
Ho-OhSteel WingSolar Beam
BlazikenCounterFocus Blast


Counters Explained


One of the best possible options you can have, with an ATK of 241 and powerful STAB Electric type moves. This Pokémon would make a good basis for your team, though it is a bit difficult to obtain as it was only available as a Level 5 raid boss.


Another decent option, Mewtwo is a good choice because of its ATK of 300 and access to the Fighting move, Focus Blast. Psycho Cut is better than Confusion because it has a higher EPS, which is the energy at which it charges your charge move, which is the one that really matters. As an EX boss it is hard to obtain, but it is still a solid option.


With a great Stamina and an ATK of 209, Hariyama is a decent choice with its double, STAB Fighting move set. Pretty easy to obtain, evolved from a Makuhita with 50 candies.


One of the best Fighting types in the game with an ATK of 234, but glass defenses, it can deal a lot of damage before going down. Machamp is obtainable as a Level 3 raid boss, and also by evolving a Machop into a Machoke and finally into a Machamp.


The Electric eeveelution with an ATK of 232, and decent defenses, it can fire off some quick, super-effective attacks. It is evolved from Eevee, which is decently common and has been around for a long time, but the evolution is random unless you use the one-time name trick and name your Eevee ‘Sparky’ before evolving it.


A less common Electric type, the third stage evolution of Mareep, and with an ATK of 211, it is a pretty good option for your team. With dual Electric STAB it should be doing some good damage before it goes down.


The first of our Fire types, best used when Cloyster does not have a Water type move. It will not resist Ice because of its Flying typing but it will be taking neutral damage at least. Its ATK of 239 and DEF of 274 are hard to argue with. With Solar Beam it will be at least dealing some good damage. It is a bit hard to obtain as it is another Legendary, and only obtained from Level 5 raids.


The second of our Fire types, also best used if Cloyster has a full Ice set. It will actually resist the Ice type moves, unlike Ho-oh, and deal back some super-effective, STAB, Fighting moves. It has a great ATK of 240, but seriously glass defense, so the fact that it resists Ice will help it a lot. It is evolved from Torchic, the gen 3 starter, into Combusken, then finally Blaziken.

Cloyster Move Set Difficulty

Cloyster has mostly Ice types in its arsenal, so it currently has access to the following moves:

  • Frost Breath (Ice, fast)
  • Ice Shard (Ice, fast)
  • Hydro Pump (Water, charged, 1 bar)
  • Avalanche (Ice, charged, 2 bars)
  • Aurora Beam (Ice, charged, 2 bars)

The easiest move set Cloyster can have is Frost Breath and Hydro Pump, a mixed Ice and Water move set. With Hydro Pump giving our Fire types a run for their money, Frost Breath and Aurora Beam is the easiest dual Ice type move set. The hardest move set to go up against is Ice Shard and Avalanche, once again, a dual Ice set and it has the most power out of all the moves.

Below is a visual representation of the move set difficulty from easiest to hardest based on their damage output totals added together, STAB calculated, not weather boosted, and charge moves based off of a single energy cycle (there is a definite pattern):

EasyFrost Breath (12)Hydro Pump (156)
Ice Shard (14.3)Hydro Pump (156)
MediumFrost Breath (12)Aurora Beam (192)
Ice Shard (14.3)Aurora Beam (192)
HardFrost Breath (12)Avalanche (216)
Ice Shard (14.3)Avalanche (216)

Weather Influence on Battle

It would be easiest to attempt this raid under a few different types of weather, but would be more difficult to do in Snow weather. The weather for this raid is so complex, we will just display it all in this graph:

CloudyBoosts Fighting moves
SnowBoosts Steel moves (if Ho-oh is used)Boosts Ice moves
SunnyBoosts Grass moves
RainyBoosts Electric movesBoosts Water moves
Fog –
Partly CloudyBoosts Rock moves


Additional Notes

Note that if you are alone and below Level 30 soloing this raid might be difficult for you, but it is not only your level trainer that matters, but the levels and power of the Pokémon you are using to raid. It might take a little bit candy and stardust to get your Pokémon up to par to take on a powerful raid boss, such as Cloyster, by yourself. All the super-effective type counters, Fighting, Grass, Rock and Electric, have equal playing grounds against this boss.

Weather is important, because you can either keep the playing grounds even, harm, or help yourself, so keep an eye on what weather it is in your game.

The moves the Cloyster has also plays an impact on your success in the raid, and it is usually hard to tell what moves it has until you have already used up your raid pass and saw what counters the game set for you.

The most difficult thing about Cloyster is that is can be pretty easy with all the correct counters, but these counters may not have been readily available to you if you are below level 30. If you have a full team of good counters and you are between levels 25-30, you might still stand a decent chance.

Otherwise, this is a decently challenging raid boss for most players, but, as always, with the right assembly of counters and favorable weather it is doable! It has been soloed before, so good luck!

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