Crawdaunt Solo Raid Guide

Crawdaunt is a Tier 3 raid boss in Pokemon GO. Best Crawdaunt raid counters are strong Fighting and Electric types that exploit it’s dual Water/Dark type. There are a lot of viable Crawdaunt counters and most of them are similar to Sharpedo counters, as their typing is the same. With a defense stat of 142, Crawdaunt is not quite as easy as Sharpedo, but it is not a difficult raid either. Crawdaunt’s weaknesses include: Grass, Electric, Fairy, Fighting and Bug.

Crawdaunt can be caught in the following CP ranges in the post-raid catch mini game:

  • 1342 – 1413 CP (non-boosted)
  • 1678 – 1767 CP (boosted in Rainy or Fog)

Players with strong level 25 – 30 counters (or higher) should have no issue soloing this raid.

Crawdaunt raid counters

The best Crawdaunt counters you can use will consist of Fighting, Electric and Grass type Pokémon, as Bug type Pokémon are not famous for their high stats, and even now, there is still no Fairy type fast move.

Here is a chart of some of the best Pokémon you can use! Each Pokémon has it’s own benefits in different weather conditions (such as Grass in sunny and Fighting in cloudy) so the best Pokémon of each type will be showcased closer to the top, but can vary in their individual order.

Crawdaunt Raid Counters
WEAKNESS Bug Fairy Fighting Electric GrassBOOSTED BY Rainy Fog
PokémonFast MoveCharge Move
MachampMachampCounter FightingDynamic Punch Fighting
RaikouRaikouThunder Shock ElectricWild Charge Electric
ElectivireElectivireThunder Shock ElectricWild Charge Electric
BreloomBreloomCounter FightingGrass Knot Grass/Dynamic Punch Fighting
ZapdosZapdosThunder Shock* Electric/Charge Beam ElectricThunderbolt Electric
RoseradeRoseradeRazor Leaf GrassSolar Beam Grass
VenusaurVenusaurVine Whip GrassFrenzy Plant Grass

*Legacy move

Discount or ‘fun to use’ counters, though risky in a solo setting, can also be used. Here are a few of the ones we recommend:

PokémonFast MoveCharge Move
HariyamaHariyamaCounter FightingDynamic Punch Fighting
HeracrossHeracrossCounter FightingClose Combat Fighting
LuxrayLuxraySpark ElectricWild Charge Electric
LucarioLucarioCounter FightingClose Combat Fighting
JolteonJolteonThunder Shock ElectricThunderbolt Electric
MewtwoMewtwoPsycho Cut PsychicThunderbolt Electric
Exeggutor (Alola)Exeggutor (Alola)Bullet Seed GrassSolar Beam Grass

From there down, the time to win just grows higher and higher (there are only 180 seconds in these Tiers 3s!). If you are in a small group, you can battle with whatever you please, but remember that super effective damage is the most important!

Crawdaunt Move Set

The moves that Crawdaunt has access to are generally non-threatening, mostly Water and Dark moves. Below is a list:

Fast Moves
  • Snarl Dark
  • Waterfall Water
Charge Moves
  • Bubble Beam Water
  • Night Slash Dark
  • Vice Grip Normal

Snarl and Waterfall are equally slow, Waterfall has more of a kick to it with a 16 DPS to Snarl’s 13 DPS, but Snarl has a slightly higher EPS, at 10.9 to Waterfall’s 6.7, making charge moves fire off a little quicker. Neither of these moves are at all threatening to your general counters, so no matter which one the boss has, you should be good.

The charge moves are similar, all three of the moves being 3 bar moves, meaning they will fire off like cannons no matter what you do. Night Slash has the highest damage output with a power of 50, Bubble Beam second with a power output of 45, and Vice Grip dead last at 35.

Vice Grip, being super effective against nothing, makes it the easiest charge move against a mixed team. Night Slash would be resisted by Fighting type counters, allowing them to last longer, and Bubble Beam would be resisted by Grass counters, also giving them better longevity.

Weather Effect on Raid

Weather has been mentioned a few times now, and is just as important as a move set for a raid! Here is a chart that easily lays out the pros and cons of each weather:

SunnyBoosts your Grass type movesNo Cons
Partly CloudyNo ProsBoosts Crawdaunt’s normal type move
CloudyBoosts your Fighting and Fairy type movesNo Cons
WindyNo Pros nor Cons
RainyBoosts your Bug and Electric type movesBoosts Crawdaunt’s Water type moves
FogNo ProsBoost’s Crawdaunt’s Dark type moves

Rainy, Sunny and Cloudy weather are your most favorable weather senarios if you use the types that are boosted in their respective weather conditions.

Final Notes

We hope this raid guide helps you to reach your dreams of soloing a Crawdaunt that we know you all definitely have. Just a reminder that this is not a very difficult raid, so it should not intimidate you if you are looking for an easy Tier 3 solo for your free pass of the day. Stick to super effective, and adequate level counters.

Happy raiding!

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