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First Jay-Z and Jones now this, another Roc a Fella vs Dipset beef.

I have not heard anything from Peedi since the Roc separated (well there was that feature on Neyo's first single Stay With Me, but that's nothing to brag about), and now out of nowhere he has beef with Juelz Santana conveniently before his new album comes out, (You would have to be a dummy to not see a pattern or a trend happening here).

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So, we are carrying that legacy forward,” Komini-Jaraczewski said.

He said a little more than that happened and he simply he felt disrespected. This has nothing to do with Def Jam or Roc-A-Fella. His album, Prince of the Roc, is expected to drop in early 2007.

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He went into the studio two days later and recorded Number 1, a dis track aimed directly at Juelz Santana, P. The album features Twista, Bun B, Black Thought, Swizz Beatz and Chad West.

Crakk should keep his mouth shut, saying how I'm talking about his little brother and that means I'm talking about him. Lets see if the Beef Formula will work for Peedi..........

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