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Dating a girl she met

She shows me the tattoo she shares with co-star-turned-best friend Maisie Williams, a ‘’ stamped just below her elbow crease.

I will probably be fine with it…’ She cocks her head and grins, ‘Unless I look shit.’ New developments in her love life can’t be helping her fly under the radar.She adds that the feelings of sadness among the cast about the show ending perversely led to ‘a lot of fucking about’ on the Dublin set of season seven.There were frequent cast blowouts around the pool table at a favourite local bar nearby, where punters would walk in and shriek at the sight of the cast hanging out in a group.They haven’t made things ‘red-carpet official’ yet (groan), but there’s been a tantalising breadcrumb trail in various lob-sided Snapchat videos, and a photo Turner shared to her 4.8 million Instagram followers of Jonas smoking a cigar on the back of a Miami boat.She closes her eyes and smiles when I bring up the new boyfriend. ‘Relationships come and go, but friendship is always there.’ The process of starting a relationship can be awkward enough, it must be mortifying to have every hand-holding stroll down the street echoed back by a media chorus. It’s frustrating [that] it’s the most mundane things that make the news – how boring! ’ It was in fact Justin Bieber, not Jonas, who first stole her heart.

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She would (probably) not be dating a Jonas brother.