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Israeli men have an air about them; an aura that is so magnetic, it’s often quite impossible to look away.

Having spent a full week studying both the culture 1. Perhaps as a result of mandatory military service, Israeli people appear completely incapable of sugarcoating their message with the customary glaze of bullshit.They may have been slightly overselling, but they weren’t entirely wrong.In addition to its unparalleled food and beaches and a cultural heritage that interrupts your life for a quick reevaluation, Israel can certainly count beautiful men (and women!Their directness is palpable in every mundane interaction (and can easily unnerve those seeking ass-kissing in customer service) but is particularly present in their pickup game, which can be best described as ‘blunt bordering on aggressive’.Picture a guy you have known for ten minutes informing you that, while he is not interested in anything serious, he would like to “make beautiful love” to you.

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No, this is not the title of my impending memoir but a- this Instagram account and b- two things my girlfriends guaranteed I would be “literally, obsessed with” when I announced my plans to finally touch base with 50% of my heritage and pay a visit to Israel.

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