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Dating and feelings

Firstly, men's brains are wired for action during high emotion, whereas women's brains are wired for talking things over.If a man instinctively knows his anger is likely to lead to action (and possibly regrettable violence) he may try to stop it going that far by putting a lid it on it. Secondly, from an evolutionary perspective men would have had to shut off their emotions while out hunting, so over time it has become natural for them to do so.' Women find this a natural question because women tend to go quiet when they feel hurt or lied to.If a man is quiet, a women may assume his silence indicates that he is upset.Women used to be dismissively known as the 'weaker sex' - but in some ways men are actually more vulnerable.Women not only live longer but at every stage of life the male is more likely to die than the female.The fact is that men and women are different in more than just the obvious physical ways.This all reminds me of the old song: 'Why can't a woman be more like a man?

And when she finally came to a stop, I began to explain why so many men are uncomfortable exploring their feelings and why this is a good thing! Male friends have told me they hate it when a woman asks them during a quiet moment: 'What are you thinking?But then he needs to resist the temptation to offer advice or tell her what to do! Conversely, a woman who notices something is up can think twice before asking that frightening question - 'How do you feel? A good alternative might perhaps be to say 'It might be a good idea if we do such-and-such about that - This makes it action orientated and therefore less threatening to her male partner.Remember strong emotion physically harms a man and is a cue to action rather than discussion.Men, on the other hand, stop communicating when they have a problem to solve.Understanding better how your partner processes emotions can clear up misunderstandings and bring greater tolerance into your relationship.

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Therefore a man will instinctively try (without even knowing that this is what he is doing) to protect himself and escape the situation.

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