Dating another attorney

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They have some difficulties, however – which can be managed when you know what to expect. If you have employees, tell them to ignore bad manners and refer the lawyer back to you. It doesn't necessarily mean they intend to cheat you, but it can lead to dissatisfaction or re-negotiation. Treat difficult lawyers as you would any difficult customer: take them through the job step by step, spell it out, make them repeat what you said, root out any misunderstandings.They Assume They're Smarter Than You This leads to a general attitude of dissatisfaction, as though your product is never quite right – but it isn't a problem as long as they don't have time to pester you. Make conversation notes or send letters of understanding if you're still concerned.Even lawyers on the way to another career don't want to be bounced.

Does this belong in a book on dancing with lawyers? Quite a few customers have hired a lawyer and ended up with that lawyer as one of their customers or partners. They're usually too busy to pester you, they charge their own customers a lot (which ought to mean they have money), and sometimes they're delighted to be talking to someone who's neither a lawyer nor a client.For business advice, try friends in business; for personal advice, try your grandmother.Efficiency is to some extent a process of cooperation, even among the most competitive people.It may not be done consciously, but if they make you agitated, they will indeed become the center of things.You may not be able to keep a lawyer from his own hysteria, but at least don't let him agitate you, especially at the beginning (when you're deciding what needs doing).

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