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Both Korra and Asami are also shown to be bisexual, as both had relationships with men during the show.“Clarence” (2014-present, Cartoon Network)Topics addressed: Same-sex couples As one of Cartoon Network’s newest shows, “Clarence” has been liberal with LGBT representation.

Not only does one of the show’s main characters, Jeff Randell, have two mothers, who have been featured a handful of times, but the series at one point almost featured what would have been Cartoon Network’s first gay kiss.

At its core, that transformation was about visibility.

(Mostly because of fierce opposition from the Catholic Church—whose lobbyist was Roy Cohn—New York City remained pointedly absent from this list at the beginning of the decade.) Twenty-two states had ended all restrictions on sexual relations between consenting adults, and on the tenth anniversary of Stonewall, seventeen-year-old Randy Rohl took twenty-year-old Grady Quinn to the senior prom in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon, two of the most popular television networks for children’s programs since 19, respectively, have taken a progressive route over the last couple of years and increased LGBT visibility in their programming.Newer shows such as “Steven Universe” and “The Legend of Korra” have had characters in same-sex relationships, increased bisexual and lesbian visibility, and even featured a genderqueer character.In what could easily be the strongest example of LGBT representation, female Gem Pearl has been widely rumored to have romantic feelings for fellow female Gem Rose Quartz in the show’s older fan base, fueled by choice actions on Pearl’s part and moments between the two.Show writer Matt Burnett responded to naysayers in a tweet that it was “abundantly clear” what Pearl’s feelings for Rose Quartz were.“The Legend of Korra” (2012-2014, Nickelodeon)Topics addressed: Same-sex couples; bisexual visibility This Nickelodeon show about a teenage girl able to control various elements ended nearly a year ago, but its finale continues to receive widespread attention.

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It may not have been right on the cutting edge of gay and lesbian activism, but it wasn't trailing too far behind either.