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The Stuff AP offers an array of apparel as well as souvenirs. Chanel leather clutches should start from RMB250, bigger Luis Vuitton bags from RMB500 (synthetic leather). Back in the market proper, pick up a pair of knockoff sneakers in every color and print for RMB100 or less.So if you're looking for China gifts, this is a good place to start. There’s also a huge range of sunglasses, from classic aviators to trendy oval frames and vibrant colored shades.First and third floors have a few random shops for bags, sunglasses and cashmere scarves, all priced similarly to AP Plaza.

The Stuff In addition to jewelry, this market includes a tapestry shop with tons of carpets, cushions and home décor items that we haven’t seen elsewhere.

So without any further ado, here is our updated guide to fake markets in Shanghai.

( If you're hunting for Chinese street fashion but can only spend a few hours; the Qipu Lu Market is your place.

For more variety, you may want to check out nearby STC Mall. The vibe here is more touristy and the sales pitches are more aggressive than what you'll find in Qipu Lu.

Nevertheless, AP features more variety and also features the Yada Pearl Market right next door, which features an incredible selection of pearls as well as jade and costume jewelry. Say "yes" and follow the vendor through a hidden door that will take you to a secret Batcave of knockoff bags.

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Best Buys The best things to buy here are shoes and small-time electronics. The shop keep will be able to tell that you really want it, and you'll have a harder time not making concessions on the price.

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