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He has a definite plan in mind, a purification in view — one that is necessary if we are to live with Him in the Kingdom.

We do not know what fruit the Divine Gardener desires to harvest, but we may be sure that with the Providence of the Father behind us, and His Son beside us, and His Spirit within us, our share of the burden is small indeed. Mark tells us that Jesus told His disciples one day “that the Son of Man was destined to suffer grievously.” He was to be rejected and put to death.

Jesus was truly distressed as He saw so many look upon the Cross as a curse.

The fire He desired to kindle was the love that came from His Heart on the Cross.He promised Heaven to those who suffered interior and exterior poverty.To those who preferred God to themselves He promised Union with the Father.To those who put their feelings and resentments aside and forgave, He promised Mercy.To those who struggled to maintain peace He promised sonship.

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He wanted to show us that suffering does not come into our lives without the permission or Will of the Father.