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POLICE, FIREMEN, AND MALE NURSESWhat female doesn’t like to be “rescued?

” Guys in these fields are known to be brave, protective, authoritative, and caring.

Now, to be sure, and to be fair, we have to enter a few things into the official record: one, as noted above, yes, there are more college-educated, professional and higher earning Sistas, than there are Brothas, in absolute numbers.

Two, not all Sistas feel that they are slumming it or dating/mating/marrying down when paired off with a Blue Collar Brotha.

Okay, so you know how Astrology has been used for ages to assess personality traits and predict compatibility based upon the alignment of the planets?

…On things like when you were born and whether you’re a “water sign” or a “sun sign?

This kind of narrative – which does indeed have its basis in fact, I am fully aware and freely admit – has been extant for most of my post-highschool life.

” Men are often surprised by this question but appreciate my upfront honesty. 12: Why I’d like to be Doctor Frankenstein *Names and identifying information have been changed to protect privacy and security.

Secretly, I know if it’s not the last, I’m going to order soup for dinner.

Jordan Weissmann, shows the data that in more than 100 major urban/metro areas of the United States, women with college degrees outnumber men on an average of upwards of 30% nationwide.

The article is perhaps even more profound for what it doesn’t say, than what it does – that a “decent date” is something only college-educated and degreed men can offer to women, and/or that only “decent dates” from such men are what counts.

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I don’t have the budget to eat out as often as I do on my current dating lifestyle.