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She is also, as she makes clear, 'impossible to con', despite my bringing her a British bribe - a jar of Marmite.I decide to get the upper hand by interviewing her. 'I became a life coach in the early Nineties,' she tells me, 'back when we called it "image consulting".And, then, when they were ready, I began to introduce them to people.' Kailen, right, sized up Hannah, left as a potential partner for the mystery guy. He wants down-to-earth, not perfect.'So why is this paragon single? There was a phase of rebellion, but he's healed.'We normal types may imagine the lives of the rich and famous are gilded, but Kailen knows otherwise: 'I remember thinking: "How exciting, my first billionaire, my first celebrity." But, there can be so much that is broken.

She will appreciate his strong beliefs in being a steward of the land and not be intimidated by wealth.'Slight problem number one: I am 44, and imagine lying is not the best way into a relationship. As I write, I am covered in bruises from a week in the Highlands with my outdoorsy brothers. My exercise routine involves wielding a mascara wand.Kailen is sporting a baseball hat bearing the legend: LOVE.I have put my laptop on a box so she is not forced to look up at me from beneath several chins.I look forward to sharing Britain's National Portrait Gallery, Naples and ancient Troy with my beloved.On, then, to my first, fateful matchmaker encounter, conducted via Skype.

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