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Dating gay in phone services toronto

“They told me that they would do it for ,000 but that I shouldn’t tell anyone that I had been given a deal.” Two weeks after she signed the contract she got a phone call, but “it turned out that I knew that match so we never met.” Two months passed without another call, so Jones called Preferred Partners to inquire about the delay.

The company soon offered her another potential match, but this woman was older than Jones’s desired age range and had just been diagnosed with cancer.

After negotiating a fee, she immediately signed a contract.

“At the time I was unable to afford the ,000 fee because of my financial situation, due to medical bills from a car accident,” Jones says.

She says three complaints have also been filed there against Preferred Partners in the last three years.“I took action and contacted the Better Business Bureau,” Jones says.“But Preferred Partners’ stance is that these women are considered two of my six matches and therefore I am not entitled to a 50-percent refund.” According to Jones, Preferred Partners’ policy is that as soon as a contract is signed, clients relinquish 50 percent of their membership fees.Jennifer Jones says she was shocked to find out, months into her contract with Preferred Partners, that the company had few women matching her criteria -- contrary to its initial sales pitch. Credit: Shauna Lewis photo A Vancouver woman has filed a complaint with the BC Better Business Bureau (BBB) after a gay dating service promised her suitable matches but allegedly failed to deliver.Jennifer Jones, 31, was hoping to find love when she approached Preferred Partners in January 2011.

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Preferred Partners, which also has offices in Calgary and Ottawa, was incorporated in April 2010.