Dating grandmothers

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They grow up fast."' Jody Robinson, from Birmingham, wrote: 'This is a special family photo.

Yes, if you get cosy with one of these saucy grandmothers, she'll take good care of you for sure.

The newsagents next door which sells hazelnut toffees and her Daily Record. She makes endless pots of vegetable soup, a bit bit of hoch floating inside like a fish. She still walks faster, rushing me down the High Street till we get to her cleaning house. Finally bored I start to pick some notes, oh can you wash a sailor’s shirt oh can you wash and clean till my gran comes running, duster in hand. The woman comes too; the posh one all smiles that make goosepimples run up my arms.

From her window you see noisy kids playing hopscotch or home. 3 By the time I am seven we are almost the same height. I sit in a room with a grand piano, top open – a one-winged creature, whilst my gran polishes for hours. Lovely, she says, beautiful child, skin the colour of café au lait.

Love Island has gripped the nation over the past six weeks, with even the unlikeliest of viewers becoming avid fans of the steamy dating show.

So, Mail Online decided to test its popularity by challenging two grandmothers to sit down and watch an episode for the very first time - to see what they made of the ITV2 reality programme.

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A flock of women in coats and fussy hats flapping over me like missionaires, and that is that, until the next time God grabs me in Glasgow with Gran.

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