Dating harrington and richardson shotguns

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Dating harrington and richardson shotguns

The company's experience as producer of firearms enabled it to begin production without the start-up problems experienced by other military contract arms producers, including International Harvester.Unlike other M1 manufacturers, H&R also made extensive use of subcontractor-produced parts and components in their rifles. COMPLETE WITH CARRY HANDLE, BOX, PACKING MATERIAL, BAG, FACTORY ACCESSORY KIT ..... THIS IS A SUPER LOOKING M16A2/M4A3 SHORTY BY COLT ....

By the time production ceased, Harrington & Richardson had manufactured over 500,000 M14s, making the company the largest manufacture of these rifles. Harrington & Richardson exists today, but under a new name, the New England Firearms/H&R 1871.

During the First World War, the company received a contract for shoulder-type flare guns. A semi-automatic civilian version was also produced for use by defense plant and prison guards.

This was the first of many military contracts that H&R would receive from the U. government, marking the beginning of a long association of arms production in support of American troops. single-shot target pistol, which featured a short hammer fall and crisp trigger pull. After the war, H&R discontinued production after attempts to sell Reisings to police departments failed due to the ready availability of surplus military arms.

In the years prior to the First World War, Harrington & Richardson's product line expanded to include other shotguns and revolvers. The Marines received their last Reisings in 1943, after which they were withdrawn from front line use as additional Thompsons and M1 carbines became available.

In addition, H&R produced an improved semi-automatic pistol patterned after British Webley & Scott, as well as the Handy Gun, a top break single-shot pistol that was available in various calibers and small-bore shotgun gauges. Approximately 100,000 Reisings were manufactured, including some for Lend-Lease sales to the Soviet Union.

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