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Lindsay also addresses the sexual harassment allegations surfacing in Hollywood: "If something happened to you, if you feel like you were wronged, you should speak your piece.And I’m happy to see women brave enough to do that."The 1980s-set dance musical starring Evan Peters, Kate Mara and James Van Der Beek will debut in the summer.He’s a good guy who loves her and is really excited that he’s having a baby. But you really quickly find out it’s not all it seems to be.”The first two episodes, which were filmed on location in Derbyshire, see Helen confront her demons from the past.

Jessica Gunning plays DCI Sophie Carson, the officer on the field in the kidnapping case, who doesn’t appreciate Helen’s involvement.My Anna Buring plans Helen Weeks, “a headstrong, no nonsense cop” drawn into the two most testing and personal cases of her career, just as she discovers that she is pregnant.“Helen is a detective and is very driven by her work,” My Anna said.“She is doggedly dedicated to unearthing the truth for a living, yet like all good heroines she has her own dark secret buried deep in her past.”When the husband of an estranged school friend is accused of abducting two young girls, Helen must return to her home town and confront her painful past.The actor teased: “Paul and Helen met at work and when you meet the characters, at first you see this wonderful couple who are about to have a baby.“He’s madly in love with Helen and you can see that straightaway.

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If they choose to stay, the cameras are switched off at that point.

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  1. But there’s the rub, because, the reader wonders as he makes his way through the true-life story: Will the real Robert Redford ever appear in these pages? But the man Robert Redford—the husband, the father—he never seems to appear in these pages.