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Professional interpersonal relationships, such as those with work colleagues, doctors or clients, take on a different tone than the relationships you share with your friends or family members.

Any person with whom you share communication, whether face-to-face, anonymously over the Internet, a stranger you pass on the street or the neighbor next door, defines the meaning of interpersonal relationship.

Are there some universal issues to consider when dating, however you initially find a potential partner?

This page explores some of these issues, and how to navigate the tricky world of dating in the internet era.

More recently, dating and ‘hook-up’ apps like Tinder have changed the rules again, with their left- and right-swipes enabling rapid reactions in response to attraction, and little need to ‘get to know you’ first.

This is at least partly true, because there are many ways to trip over, and much can go wrong.

People who learn how to develop interpersonal relationships with most everyone they meet certainly experience more success in life than those who don’t.

Effective and personal communication stands at the heart of every relationship, whether you are interacting with a friend, a significant other, a family member, a professional colleague or the sales clerk at the local coffee shop.

Interpersonal relationships involve more than just the verbal communication between people.

People communicate as much with their gestures and body language as they do with their voice and words.

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