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Dating persona test

His father is the manager of local department store Junes, and as such he is usually treated as an unofficial complaints box, much to his chagrin.Yosuke serves as the best friend and partner of Yu, although he's often the butt of his other friends' jokes.Izanagi cleansed himself of the filth, giving birth to several gods in the process.Much like Izanagi gave birth to many gods of Japan, the protagonist helps to create the Personas of the party, by rescuing them and later helping them overcome their flaws through Social Links, evolving their Personas - some of the Personas are even directly related to Izanagi in myth, such as Yukiko's Amaterasu and Yosuke's Susano-o.His initial Persona is Izanagi, of the Fool Arcana.

He goes on to co-found the Investigation Team, along with Yu and Chie.

Chased by the demons of Izanami, he fled, coating himself in the foul matter, and sealed the entrance to the underworld, Yomotsu Hirasaka, with a large boulder.

Enraged, Izanami swore to kill 1,000 humans each day, and Izanagi promised to give life to 1,500 each day.

When Yosuke refused to admit this, his Shadow emerged and taunted that he's only being cheerful as a facade and sees everything, including Saki, as a tool to block out his extreme loneliness.

Yosuke angrily retorted and it caused the Shadow to reveal its true form, but was eventually defeated by Yu.

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