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Dating united arab in

This defensive building is made of dried bricks, clay and mud plaster, and follows the line of traditional architecture in the UAE, more specifically the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.The Muraba’a Fort is also known as the Police Fort.

The central mosque of Ajman city has beautiful architecture. ℹ️ Al Muraba’a Fort is located in Al Ain city center.

Contrary to what many people might think, the United Arab Emirates have a very rich history.

This fact is sometimes forgotten and taken over by modern and famous cities such as Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Worth visiting is also the camel market and the fantastic mountain Jebel Hafeet, a few kms away from the city center.

The cultural sites of Al Ain including Oases Areas, Hafeet, Hili and Bidaa Bint Saud, are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. ℹ️ Jumeirah Beach is a first class quality white sand beach in Dubai.

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With traditional dances, music, amazing architecture, coffee drinking heritage, shipbuilding and even the tradition of caring for horses, camels and falcons.