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Comprehensive programming coordinates strategies across multiple settings and populations within each community. Social norms interventions have been successfully used by other prevention efforts (e.g., obesity prevention, binge drinking, and tobacco cessation).Coordinated programming that includes multiple types of activities across multiple settings and populations is most effective in changing the behaviors, beliefs, and norms that impact the incidence of dating violence. s_cid=cd_281 Domestic Violence Prevention Enhancement and Leadership Through Alliances (DELTA)] CDC [ Strategies] [ ANDVSA Pathways Statewide Prevention] Sabol WJ, Coulton CJ, Korbin JE. Research is starting to show positive impacts on violence prevention.

The standard for community-based dating violence prevention work in Alaska is based on the prevention model developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. '''Strategy 2:*''' brPromote values and beliefs that reinforce safe and healthy relationships.

Working with communities to build their capacity to support the work of prevention is the first step towards building comprehensive programming. Building community capacity to prevent violence through coalitions and partnerships. '''Evidence Base:''' brThis strategy emerges from the social norms approach where inaccurate perceptions about norms, values, beliefs, and risk and protective factors are corrected to facilitate health promotion and violence prevention.

Building Community Capacity for Violence Prevention. '''Strategy 3:*''' brImplement evidence-based school violence prevention programs.


Public health partners around the state are aligning work around these approaches adapted to Alaska's unique needs.

Subsequent analyses display dating violence by demographic subpopulations (i.e., sex, age, race/ethnicity, ethnicity, grade level, and academic achievement) and regions.

Questions on adolescent dating violence have been asked on the YRBS since 2003.

" Changes in wording from "boyfriend or girlfriend" to "someone you were dating or going out with"; the description of harm from "ever hit, slapped, or physically hurt" to "hit, slammed into something, or injured with an object or weapon"; changes in response categories from yes or no to number of times; and limitation to those dating or going out rather all students affect the prevalence rates.

Responses to the two questions are not equivalent and are presented separately.

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This provides schools with a unique opportunity to intervene and to prevent dating violence.