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But it doesn’t mean that this necessarily has to be an awkward or even painful experience.

In fact, the better you are able to handle a post-breakup relationship with your ex, the better your partners about the sort of person you are.

Provided you know how to deal with her after the relationship ends.

People are often surprised when I tell them that I’m friends with a large number of my exes.

This would mean that you’re making a judgement about you – what is it? Sometimes we have to admit that due to the fact that we spend so much time second guessing ourselves over certain people, our whole interaction with them is one big fat benefit of the doubt that we’re not benefiting from.After all, the biggest common denomenator in all of your relationships is you.Someone who has nothing but “crazy psycho bitches” in his past is telling his future partners that either his picker is profoundly broken or he’s very bad at relationships.Instead, they’re stubbornly sticking around – even starting to .Which means that there are going to be all those awkward “accidental” encounters at the places you used to frequent together, the painful “oh shit, who is she talking to?

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” moments at parties and other occasions when your ex seemingly conspires with the universe to remind you of her existence. But just because the two of you broke up doesn’t automatically mean that everything is going to be awkward and painful between the two of you forever.

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