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Thus what may seem like a more restrictive environment actually becomes one wherein the person is more able to function normally.

Group homes also provide a structure to address behavior problems that might otherwise, and at an earlier time, have meant institutionalization.

Some students with autism need greater structure to maximize the benefits of the educational system.

The size and amount of activity in a regular classroom is too distractive, and special needs such as toileting and working on the modification of inappropriate behaviors is not feasible in a class of 20 to 30 students, even with one-on-one assistance.

Persons with autism and their families should have the right to choose from a variety of opportunities just as persons who are not disabled do.

It is therefore essential that educational options be tailored to the real needs of each child, whether it is a self-contained classroom or mainstreaming, or somewhere in-between.

Nor should they be forced to choose only from alternatives that comply with a specific ideology about what all disabled persons should do or should be able to do.EDUCATION Children with autism usually need a highly structured learning environment, which helps them begin to understand the world around them.Without this structure, most autistic students are unable to process information in a way that allows learning to take place.It is easy to say that all children should be "mainstreamed".But that again is treating all persons as if their needs and solutions are the same, and narrowing the choices available to parents.

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For some students, a regular classroom can provide enough structure, if the child receives additional assistance.

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