Elissa sursara dating dating family members ex

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Elissa sursara dating

According to a number of other websites, Sursara came into popularity as a broadcaster for environmental issues on television, in film, in print and on the radio. She was also a child actress and is considered one of the most "faked" women in social networking, which confuses a lot of idiots with access to Google.

Sursara was born in Avalon, Sydney, Australia, about an hour south from Koby Abberton and his "white-man" loving Bra Boys.

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Justin Bieber fans took to the internet Tuesday when the 15-year-old pop sensation failed to mention his attraction for older actress Elissa Sursara after his anticipated appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show.

Gossip blogs linked the teen star to the 21-year-old newcomer actress when several sources claimed the pair had been spotted together in Hollywood.

She is the celebrity ambassador of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and the WWF and WWF's Earth Hour.

Elissa Sursara (born February 14, 1988) is an Australian biologist, broadcaster, filmmaker and celebrity conservationist who came into popularity after a number of television and film appearances relating to her environmental work.

Sursara claimed that the attack happened last September, as noted.

As Drew Scerbo, science adviser to environmental NGO White Shark Advocacy, points out via email to the , there are several issues with the claim, beginning with the fact that there appears to be no report of the incident available in public shark attack databases.

I don't know if my heart can still carry the pain it will cause if it's true. I can't afford him seeing he's crushing on elissa sarsura. how in da hell she could date him she's 6years older than him.

I can't take this.:'-( if she date him she going to jail........ I recently wached a video on youtube in which a 21year-old fan asked him if he's into older girls like 21 years old..jb ancwerd: "I'm preety sure that's illegal!

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