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Employers mandating vaccinations

Q: What if one of my employees says they cannot get a flu shot because of a medical reason?A: An employee who cannot get a flu shot because of an ADA disability is entitled to an exemption.

ADA The ADA requires employers to provide a reasonable accommodation to an employee if the employee cannot comply with an employer’s policy due to a disability.

Q: What best practices can I implement to keep my workplace flu-free?

A: The EEOC recommends employees to get flu shots, rather than making flu shots mandatory.

To make this easier for employees and encourage more employees to have the vaccine, employers should consider bringing a mobile flu shot clinic into the workplace or providing employees with information about where flu shots are available locally.

Employers who choose to require mandatory flu shots, rather than just encourage them, should be sure to take any religious accommodation requests seriously and should truly engage in the “interactive process” with any employees who refuse the vaccination on religious or medical grounds.

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Thus, employers with mandatory vaccination policies must consider whether an employee with an allergic reaction to the flu shot, or for whom the flu shot poses a threat or difficulty due to the employee’s disability, must accommodate the employee.