Erotic chat room saved

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Erotic chat room saved

I’m sure my mum would not have been that forward about any advances or in fact very receptive, I’m sure she would think it was wrong and disgusting.

It was for a time when Becky was already away with her family on holiday.

She was going on a sightseeing trip that was being paid for by her parents so I had not been invited – a good job now!

However, I started to think about who could come with me to enjoy the free trip as the agenda looked pretty good.

Becky was also very pleased as felt it was safer than me going to Paris with a mate on the drink for a long weekend.

So effectively that was that and we had set the plans in place for the trip in a few weeks time.

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Anyway after a further few minutes I caved in and accepted the fact mum was joining me in Paris.

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