Farfetch’d released worldwide: Gold capture challenge unlocked!


the global Pokemon GO Community has managed to unlock the final reward tier and complete the Global Catch Challenge! We’ve done it everyone!

We caught 3 billion Pokemon in seven days, how incredible is that!

As announced, the Gold Tier rewards are as follows:

  • Farfetch’d available worldwide for the next 48 hours
  • Kangaskhan available in East Asia for the next 48 hours
  • All of the previous rewards stay active until December 1st, 1:00 PM PST (double XP, double Stardust, 6 hour Lures, increased spawns)

Official Tweet confirmation:

In other words, you are probably on your way out already, reading this on your phone and walking to finally catch a new region exclusive for your Pokedex.

We completely understand, we’re actually doing the same thing, as this post was written in advance as preparation for this glorious moment. If you are reading this post, it means that Antonio briefly updated the post, clicked the “publish button”, packed all of his batteries and ran off into the wild. We expect to see him in a few hours, so things may be a little quite on the Hub until then. Check our forums though.

In other news, let’s see some numbers behind the event.

According to /u/lolypuppy, a redditor that analysed the time and contents of every number announcement made to date, this is how the past few days looked like:

Week dayPokemon caught

All in all, not bad! Honestly, we are sick and tired of people asking us “Oh, you still play that?” and now we finally have something amazing to show them and rub it in their face.

Yes, people still play Pokemon GO, with more and more returning players coming every day. And here’s 3 billion Pokemon we managed to catch in just 7 days. Beat that.

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