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Once he forgives someone its gone, he doesnt hold onto it.More than just using the word love, I admire him, he s my best friend I laugh with, I cry with...knows all my thoughts and feelings in this.I have been divorced due to domestic violence an vowed to never try again. His wife would call and was always very mean to me, little did I know she was very upset he was working with a woman.

I am amazed at this blog the ex follows...led by a man who says he was in a midlife crisis so he knows husbands will go back eventually no matter what. He tells them even if husbands remarry to wait they always go back to the first wife.?????She asked him to go to counseling, he did, he even went to the dr. He ended up being transfered to a location an hour away,,,,,then I realized how much I missed him. He called me one day and told me he moved out and t was finally done after 19 years.He was ok, but worried how the kids were going to be during the process ahead of him.It's just not true......it's been almost 7 months and statstics show most "SEX affairs" fzzle out after about 4 months.He has been sick and in the hospital 4 times, he had a job change so was unemployed for a few weeks and I never left his side.

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I know he loves me..the way he looks at me, the way he helps even when I dont ask, he wears my favorite color, he prays with me, we have asked God for forgiveness of our weakness in this.

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