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A method called contextual inquiry does this in the naturally occurring context of the users own environment.In her essay for "Bonnie and Clyde" (which only she and Roger Ebert correctly assessed as one of the best and most important American films of the 60s), she damns the films flaws just as much as she praises its brilliance.Few films even come close to perfect to her--this is a type of rough criticism we could use in the days of Rotten Tomatoes and genre movies which don't live up to their potential because they stop at "good enough." The 100 brief reviews in the back can be tiresome to read more than a few at the time, but overall this is an excellent selection of writings.Discussion of how the sister of one of the lead characters was sexually abused by her father.The two lead characters, men, make out with each other in an alley to avoid getting arrested; when a police car cruises by, the two officers inside make a homophobic joke about it.

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We got The New Yorker at our house so Kael was a household name.

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