FireRed and LeafGreen Clothing Items Available For Purchase!

Hey Trainers! Once again, there are some new clothes available for purchase in Pokémon Go! This time they’re a throwback to the FireRed and LeafGreen games, the remakes of Generation 1 games, Red and Green, which released 22 years ago today!

Here we have a breakdown of the prices of the clothing. Much like the Team Rocket and Rainbow Rocket outfits, they are quite pricey but very tempting. Not sure if they are as tempting as dressing up as a Team Rocket Grunt, but almost there.

Without further adieu, here we go:

Male Clothing Items

ClothingPrice in Coins
FireRed Cap100
FireRed Top250
FireRed Backpack250
FireRed Wristbands50
FireRed Pants200
FireRed Shoes150
Total Price1000

Female Clothing Items

ClothingPrice in Coins
LeafGreen Hat150
LeafGreen Top200
LeafGreen Bag200
LeafGreen Wristbands50
LeafGreen Skirt200
LeafGreen Shoes200
Total Price1000

Dressing up as Red and Leaf themselves? Tempting! It is a great throwback to the older generation of Pokémon games, where it all started. Although these are expensive, they are not nearly as expensive as the Team Rocket outfits with variations (though the rocket outfits are cheaper if you just buy one variation of them and not both). It is also interesting to note the difference in the prices for the male and female clothing items, though the end prices are the same, unlike with the Team Rocket outfits where the female outfit cost more overall.

Most players might have already blown their cosmetic allotment of coins on the Team Rocket outfits, but these options may still appeal to players who love the Generation 1 games and their remakes!

From the in-game news section:

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